footnote is an essay that traces the philosophy and process of the objects in wax notes to expand on themes of transitional places, memory, obliteration of history, and lost material archives. As thirty-some pages of text fed into the hollander beater, footnote exists as a handmade book of thirty new sheets of paper pulled throughout the process of beating paper. The sound accompaniment emanates from within the podium itself.  It is a 5 hour and 36 minute recording of the full text in the Experimental Gallery in a continuous feedback loop between two sound recorders until the grain of the voice gives way to the ambient frequencies of the room. 

In this video, the audio samples a short reading of the essay and progresses in a reverse feedback loop sequence so that the very first segment in this video is in fact the last feedback loop of the voice, and the very first recording of the voice is in fact at 01:14 min in this video. View at the following times: 00:00 min, 00:15 min, 00:30 min, 00:44 min, 00:59 min, 01:14 min, which all introduce a new feedback loop.

                                                                                                         An object in wax notes, amongst others, becomes a footnote. 

Dec 2017. Detail of book cover with embossed title. Experimental Gallery. 

Text here has transformed into texture: the paper as a written essay has transformed into an artist book as paper. The onomatopoetic play between words and their referent collapse the gap between content and its material presence.

Dec 2017. Detail of open book. Experimental Gallery. 

Text distilled into the paper pulp itself appears in the first few pages of the object-book, breaking down into letters and then blankness over the course of the book.